Last-Minute Birthday Gifts for Mom

Daughter giving her mother a wrapped birthday present.
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It can happen to the best of us. Time slips by and suddenly you realize it's your mother's birthday, yet you're still empty-handed. No need to panic. Plenty of last-minute gift options go beyond floral bouquets and simple cards. Show your mom how much you appreciate her with an easily assembled gift basket or gift bag filled with goodies that perfectly suit her interests.

1 Grocery Store Goodies

Most grocery stores have a variety of potential gifts. If your mom likes to bake, choose an assortment of baking sprinkles, colored sugar, vanilla beans, frosting tips and colorful foil cupcake holders. If she's known for her delectable burgers and roasts, pick out a selection of seasoning rubs, marinades and barbecue sauce, then add a silicone hot mitt. If pasta is her passion, gather up a few gourmet sauces, pasta in different shapes and varieties, and a set of pasta servers. Finally, choose a basket, wrap the items individually in tissue paper and arrange them in the basket.

2 Help From the Garden Center

If your mom loves to dig, plant and prune, head to the garden center. Choose a colorful container, then find a potted plant just the right size to slip inside. Gather a selection of garden hand tools and a sun hat, or light up her flower beds with a solar color-changing gazing ball. Contribute whimsy to her garden world with wind chimes, small statuary, garden flags, a bird feeder or a birdhouse. Finish with a garden trug or basket, and arrange your gifts inside.

3 A Coffee Shop Collection

Your nearby coffeehouse is a great place to create a caffeinated kick to help mom celebrate turning one year older. Assemble a few small bags of flavored gourmet coffee, then add a mug and a French press. If her taste leans toward tea, select special teas, a small teapot and a pretty mug. Finish with a few wrapped baked goods, and assemble the entire gift in a store gift bag.

4 Drugstore Delights

There's more than medicine at the drugstore. If your mom needs a break, promote relaxation with fragrant bath bubbles, a candle, a fluffy bath scrub and a towel turban for her hair. If she's proud of her nails, head to the cosmetics section for the newest shades of polish. Add emery boards, nail polish pens and small nail adornments like glitter or rhinestones. Or, if she likes variety when it comes to hairstyles, pull together a collection of hair clips, barrettes and bands along with a hair glossing spray and styling comb. Fill a pretty gift bag with your tissue-wrapped, beauty promoting goodies.

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