So you like this girl and her birthday is coming up. You're not dating. You still want to buy her a birthday present -- but what? You don't want to get her a pricey gift that should come from a boyfriend. You also don't want to give her something generic. Focus on casual or moderately priced gifts. Show you know her interests and passions.

A Musical Gift

The girl loves music. The two of you have had conversations about favorite artists. Make a playlist of songs that would interest her. Put the songs on a CD, or send her an e-birthday card with a link to the download. Another idea is to compile birthday-related songs, such as "Happy Birthday," by Stevie Wonder, "Birthday," by the Beatles and "16 Candles," by The Crests [if, of course, your crush is turning 16].

Literature Lover

Perhaps you have had conversations about famous works of literature and authors. For her birthday, give her a book by one of her favorite authors. If there is a book you own that she wishes to borrow, purchase a new copy and tell her that you thought she should have her own. If she has started writing stories or poetry, give her a high-quality hardbound journal.

All Entertainment

Give a girl who is always up on the latest movies and TV shows a gift card to a local theater, complete with vouchers for popcorn and drinks. She might use the card to take you to the movies with her. Find a movie poster of one of her favorite films and have it framed. You could also give her a DVD of an old black and white movie that you think she would enjoy. Another idea: Pick up a DVD of the last season of her favorite TV show. If there is a quirky theater performance in town, get tickets and offer to take her.

The You Gift

If you want to signal that you like her, go for a classic bouquet of red roses or her favorite flowers. A box of chocolate truffles is also a romantic gift. Get her one of those giant birthday cards to make the point. If you are too nervous to tell her how you feel, write it down. A bold move, if you feel confident, would be to ask her out for a birthday dinner, just the two of you. With any luck, it could be her wish come true.