Good Pranks to Pull on My Girlfriend

Express your silliness to her through pranks.
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Whether it's April Fool's Day or you just want to do something to give her a good laugh, simple pranks will tickle your girlfriend's funny bone. Remember to keep her safety in mind and plan harmless practical jokes that you both will laugh about later. Swapping food ingredients and showering her in confetti are only a couple of ways to show off your sense of humor.

1 Silly Dessert Disguise

Sneakily make meatloaf resembling chocolate cupcakes. Blend together a meatloaf mixture. Line a 12-count muffin tin with foil cupcake liners and then spoon the mixture into each tin. Cook mashed potatoes, which you will then place in a pastry bag with a circular top. Next, pipe the potatoes on top of each baked and cooled meatloaf muffin to mimic frosting. Optionally, add food coloring to the mashed potatoes to make colored icing. Place the meatloaf cupcakes in a cake box. Inform your girlfriend that you'll be bringing by a batch of chocolate cupcakes. Then let her open the box and try your mischievous dessert.

2 Rainy Day Surprise

The next time your girlfriend opens her umbrella, she'll get drenched in something besides rain. While you're leaving her house one day, or if you have access to her locker, secretly place paper confetti inside her umbrella and be sure to clean up any evidence. The confetti from the umbrella will shower all over her when she steps out in the rain again. Additionally, sneak a plastic snake inside one of her rain boots to give her a shock when she dips her foot inside. She will freak out at first but will be relieved to find out the creature is fake.

3 Funny Ghost Date

Inform your girlfriend that you'll meet her at her house at a specific time to pick her up for a date. Park your car a few blocks away from her house and put your cellphone on silent to be as discrete as possible. When you're at her door, ring her bell and then run to hide behind something nearby. She will open the door and look in dismay when nobody is there. After she closes the door, try ringing her doorbell and hiding a few more times -- until you think she has gotten frustrated. The last time she opens the door, pop out to surprise her with a bouquet of flowers.

4 Tricky Gift Box

Surprise your girl with a small present that she won't be able to open. Find a small box and place a few rocks inside to give the box some weight. Place cotton balls inside to prevent the rocks from rattling around. Use craft glue to secure the lid to the box. Next, neatly wrap the gift with decorative paper, placing a bow on top. Let her unwrap the gift and try her best to open the box. You can even try opening it for her to add some humor. When she appears to get frustrated, let her know that you're only playing with her. Then shock her with a real present that she will be able to open.

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