A Night in Paris Prom Theme Decorations & Ideas

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The allure of Paris night life and its romantic appeal inspires high school students every year as they sit down to discuss their prom themes. The elements of "A Night in Paris" theme mimic old Parisian movies in which actors dine under the stars and dance the night away. From a classic menu filled with French delicacies to Paris-inspired décor, planning a Paris prom theme requires creativity and much advanced planning to set the scene.

1 Moon and Stars

Because this theme involves night time, it should incorporate the moon, stars and sky as a part of the décor. For a Paris-inspired theme, create stars using white Christmas lights on the ceiling. Create a moon cutout using cardboard and paint. Hang it from the ceiling using invisible fishing string.

2 Props

Props like columns, lampposts miniature replicas of the Eiffel Tower and fountains will add to your "A Night in Paris" theme. Decorate the columns with silk fabrics and white lights. Place the Eiffel Tower in an area where attendees can take photographs. Use one fountain in the center of the room to act as a focal point for the event.

3 Color Scheme

A Night in Paris theme can incorporate colors like yellow, black, gold or silver, deep reds and burgundies, as well as deep purples and blues. Use silky fabrics in these colors to add décor to the columns and tables.

4 Lighting

Dim lighting works best with this theme. From the white lights on the ceiling to votive candle lights adorning the tables, you will create a romantic, elegant prom scene. Illuminate the doorway where guests arrive.

5 Dining

Use bistro seating for your prom guests. Use a large, standing chalkboard to display the menu. Place bread sticks in the middle of each table, as well as a single rose with a welcome note attached. Use white table cloths, linens and votive candles to decorate the tables.

6 Favors

Give guests personalized Eiffel Tower-shaped key chains, berets or personalized votive candles. Box chocolates and distribute them at the end of the night for a delicious, Paris-inspired treat.

7 Balloons

Use balloons that match your color scheme to enhance the décor. Create an arch near the entrance of the prom. Allow attendees to get photographed in front of the arch.

8 Dessert

Set up a dessert bar filled with French-inspired desserts. Include chocolates, crepes and pastries like éclairs and croquembouche. Include a variety of teas and coffees at the table for guests.

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