He's going to feel like a real astronaut with his own spaceship.

Space crafts are out of this world. Whether your kiddo is gunning for a future seat on a real spaceship or just wants to circle around in his own personal universe, he will need a personalized spaceship for this planetary quest. Plus, making an easy spaceship craft occupy him while you tidy up your home planet!

Milk Carton Spaceship

No need to throw empty milk cartons into the trash when you can turn them into recycled art. Make sure to rinse out a milk carton and let it dry (completely); you don’t want a stinky spaceship. Close the top by stapling it shut. Wrap the carton, like you would a present, in white construction or copy paper and tape it into place. Your toddler or preschooler can (with your help) practice his scissor skills, as he takes black construction paper and wing shapes, and then windows and door shapes. With a glue stick to affix these construction-paper wings, windows and doors to his ship, this milk carton spaceship will be ready for lift off.

Refrigerator Box Ship

Kids don’t need expensive toys to be entertained. Actually, they seem quite content playing with the toy’s box more than the toy, anyway. Transform an empty refrigerator box into a space ship for your child to crawl and play around in. You and he can paint the outside of the spaceship with tempera paint or you can decorate it with markers. As for the colors of paint or markers, you can go with traditional black, white and silver, or your child can make a rainbow, if he so desires. He can draw stars, planets, the ship's name or he can simply write NASA. You may want to cut a couple of windows out with scissors so your child can do some stargazing on his adventures. And this toy can be folded up for easy storage or recycled once he has crash-landed a time or two!

Tube Ship

A spent paper towel roll can get another life when it becomes an easy space ship craft. Just tape a piece of white paper over the outside of the roll and let your child glue on some construction paper wings he's made or he can use a marker to draw some wings on the paper towel tube ship. Affix a paper funnel on one end of the tube with masking tape, and then the tube ship is ready to go. At least, a paper towel roll won’t do too much damage if he decides to fly it in the house!

Flying Saucer

A paper plate and a plastic bubble lid from a convenience-store iced drink can become the best of pals when they are glued together to make an out-of-this-world flying ship. To get a tight grip, use a hot glue gun to keep the lid in place. Just make sure your kiddo doesn't touch the project until the hot glue cools off. Glow-in-the-dark space stickers will add some extra outer space flair. Every astronaut needs a flying saucer to chase during his intergalactic adventures!