Creative Ways to Ask a Guy to Homecoming

A homemade pizza can tempt him into going to the dance.
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Your school homecoming dance is coming up in a few weeks and you still do not have a date. Whether it is a close friend or classmate, there is probably a guy you have in mind to be your ideal escort. If you have an inkling that he may want to go, take some pressure off of him and do the asking. Use a creative approach to impress him and increase your chances of scoring that homecoming date.

1 An Edible Invitation

Put your culinary skills to good use and serve him up an invitation in the form of food. Give him a taste of Italy with a homemade pizza. Before baking, use small pepperoni slices or sliced vegetables to spell out a brief invite, such as "Date 4 Dance?" Hand deliver the pizza to his door. Alternatively, you can satisfy his sweet tooth with a dessert instead. Bake an over-sized sugar cookie. Use frosting to pipe an invitation on top, such as "You + Me = Dance?" Slide the cookie in a box with a note from you and place it on his desk to surprise him.

2 The Sneaky Approach

Asking indirectly takes the pressure off of the requesting and makes it an easier process, writes psychologist Jeremy Nicholson on "Psychology Today" online, in "5 Ways to Indirectly Ask for a Date." Suggesting is an effective strategy. Perhaps you could say, "Hey, the dance looks like it's going to be fun, right?" If he seems interested, say, "I was thinking maybe we can check it out together." For a different indirect approach, ask your date with a challenge. Maybe you could say, "I bet you can't find a better date than me for the homecoming dance?"

3 Write It Out

Get your pen and paper. Writing a note is a no-frills way to ask for a date if you are nervous about verbalizing it, suggests singles advice columnist John Ortved, in the "Glamour" online article, "Dating: 5 Easy Ways to Ask a Guy Out." Write a funny message, such as "Go to the dance with me or you'll get abducted by aliens!" Include your contact information and slip the note in his backpack. Alternatively, you can slip him a secret note and lead him on a scavenger hunt instead. Write, "Shhh! A certain someone wants to be your homecoming date. Follow the clues to see who it is." Await him at the end of the hunt to surprise him.

4 A Work of Art

Impress your potential homecoming date and let your artistic skills do the asking for you. Sketch a picture of yourself with an air bubble coming out of the mouth that reads, "I'm so drawn to you. Be my date for the dance?" Alternatively, write an invitation on his driveway with sidewalk chalk to see when he drives home -- just get his parent's permission beforehand. Draw an outline of yourself on the driveway to resemble a crime scene investigation. Beside the outline, you could write, "It would be a crime not to go to the dance with me" or "I'm dying to be your homecoming date."

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