Creative & Cute Ways to Ask a Boy to a Girl's Choice Dance

Be prepared to dance the night away with him.
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Your school's upcoming Girl's Choice Dance allows the tables to be turned and the girls must ask the guys to go. Whether it's your boyfriend, close friend or classmate, get up the courage to invite that special guy you have in mind. Take a unique approach that stands out when asking him to the dance. Creative and cute ways can give you a greater chance of scoring him for your date.

1 The Western Approach

Give him an invite to the dance with a Western flair. Surprise him by dressing as a cowgirl. You could say to him, "Howdy, partner! You're wanted by the town sheriff to go to the school dance with this here cowgirl or else," or, "I came to round you up to be my date for the school dance. Let's mosey on over there together." Alternatively, simply make a wanted poster. Type the words "WANTED: To go to the dance with [insert your name]. REWARD: One Happy Cowgirl!" on cardstock paper. Stick it on the front of his locker.

2 Your Personal Chef

Any guy can appreciate an invitation that will satisfy his appetite. Prepare him breakfast and bring it to class. Make an edible pancake message. Pour pancake batter into a squeeze bottle. Spell out, "DANCE?" on a warm griddle. Position the letters correctly in a takeout container to reveal the message when he opens it. Or, make him a batch of homemade doughnuts and place them in a box. Tape a message on the front of the doughnut box that reads, "I DONUT how to say it, but won't you be my date for the dance?" Sit the box on his desk to surprise him.

3 On His Cool Ride

Use his own beloved vehicle as an opportunity to ask him to the dance. Create a fake parking ticket. Type the words, "Your car will be towed immediately if you do not go to the dance with [insert your name]," or, "You'll be fined $500 if you do not go to the dance with me!" It may take him by surprise at first but he'll get a kick out of it. Alternatively, if you don't think he'll mind his car getting a little dirty, use car window markers to write the words, "Let's take your ride to the dance!" on his driver's seat window.

4 Shh, It's A Mystery!

Let him solve a mystery as a way to ask him to the dance. Ask his parent's permission if you can draw on his driveway. Create a crime scene investigation. Draw an outline of yourself on the driveway. Beside the outline, you can write, "Someone is dying to be your dance date." Pop out to surprise him. Or, engage him in a scavenger hunt. Slip a letter in his backpack that reads, "Follow the clues to see who wants to go to the dance with you." A letter is another way to ask someone out besides face to face. Leave clues at various locations leading to a final destination. Surprise him at the final location.

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