How to Ask Your Friend to Sadie's in a Funny Way

Belt out a silly tune as a comical way to ask him out.
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Traditionally, men ask women for dates while women show that they are interested, according to psychologist Michael Mills in his Psychology Today article, "Why Don't Women Ask Men Out on First Dates?" But the Sadie Hawkins dance turns the tables. Girls ask out the guys. Ask him in a comical way to show your sense of humor.

1 Cheesy Stuff

Make your potential date laugh with an edible invitation. Buy or bake a cheese pizza. Write a comical invitation on the inside top flap of the pizza box: "I know this is CHEESY, but wanna go to Sadie's?" You can also staple the invitation to any package of cheesy food: a box of cheese crackers or a bag of cheese curls. Alternatively, buy a box of doughnuts. Tape a small card to the top that reads, "I DOUGHNUT what your answer will be -- but will you be my date for Sadie's?"

2 Dress to Impress

Dress in a silly costume to ask him to the dance. Wearing wacky clothing and goofing around can help the other person to lighten up and feel relaxed, according to the article, "Fixing Relationship Problems with Humor." Practice the proper accent and gestures of the character you are portraying. If he has a fascination with space, dress as an alien. You could say: "Earthling! Will you be my superstar and go to Sadie's?" Or dress as a cowgirl and say: "You're wanted by the sheriff, partner. Go to Sadie's with me or else."

3 Pop the Question

Use balloons to ask him to Sadie's. Simply write "Pop Me!" on the front of a deflated balloon. Slide the invitation inside. It could say, "I will BURST with excitement if you go to Sadie's with me." Sprinkle glitter in the balloon and blow it up. Tie the balloon to his desk. He will be showered with glitter when he pops it. Alternatively, ask his parents if they will allow you to fill a room in his house with balloons. Scatter the inflated balloons on the floor of the room. Hide under the pile of balloons and pop out to ask him when he arrives.

4 Sing A Silly Song

Serenade your potential date with a song or rap. Singing playfully is a way to cultivate your sense of humor, according to Write funny lyrics, such as "Old ladies and little teeny babies, really want you to be my date for Sadie's." If you are instrumentally skilled, play accompanying music. Perhaps you can personalize the lyrics to a popular song instead. For example, create an original song to the tune of "Y.M.C.A." by the Village People. You could sing, "You want to go to the D.A.N.C.E.?"

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