Ways to Surprise a Friend You Haven't Seen in Awhile

Catch her off guard with a surprise package.
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Whether it was due to your busy school schedules or a huge fight, you have lost touch with an old friend and you miss the rapport you once had with her. Since it seems like it has been ages since you last saw her, sending her a surprise will be a sweet gesture to let her know you wish to reconnect. Your friend just might feel the same way and would be happy to reignite your old friendship as well.

1 Make a Favorite Meal

You likely remember some of the foods your friend enjoyed eating when you were together. Invite him to come over for dinner. If your friend likes Italian food, perhaps you can bake a pizza together. You could also make the food ahead of time, using small pieces of pepperoni or chopped olives to spell "Miss You" on top. Maybe he loves grilled foods. Make several miniature burgers. Use a ketchup squirt bottle to write a letter on each bun and spell "I Miss U." Take a picture of the food. Send him a photo text message or email. Attach a message that reads "I can't possibly eat this all myself. Join me tonight to eat and catch up."

2 Send an Unexpected Gift

Being thoughtful is an important trait to have in any relationship; surprise her with a gift that has significance to your friendship. Perhaps you met her in camp. You can send her a homemade friendship bracelet to remind her of the fun you had making them together. Attach a note: "Remember how we bonded so much making these? Let's meet up to chat." Or maybe you always picked each other for lab partners in middle school. Send her a science experiment kit. Write "You will always be my lab buddy. Want to catch up over coffee?"

3 Plan a Surprise Visit

Your friend may be thrilled to see you in person since you have not seen each other in quite some time. Do some investigating on places where you think your friend would hang out. For example, you may remember your friend often loved to read poetry. Take a chance and go to a poetry reading at a local coffee house and you just might run into him there. Or you know your friend works as a cashier at a nearby supermarket. Purposely get in his line to surprise him and say hi. Alternatively, find out where he usually hangs out on the weekends from his roommates or parents. Pop out and say "Look who's here."

4 Send a Thoughtful Message

Reconnect with your friend by mailing her an "I Miss You" card. Tuck a funny picture inside the card. Use blue face paint to cover your face and snap a picture of yourself. On the back of the photo, you could write "I'm turning so blue without you. Please call me." Alternatively, you can see if your friend has a profile on a social media website. Technology is the perfect tool to give you an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend, suggests Help Guide in the article "How to Make Friends." Send her an inbox message that you wish to treat her to dinner to catch up.

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