How to Ask My Girlfriend to Homecoming

Surprise your girlfriend with a creative and sweet homecoming proposal.
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The fact that you are expected to take your girlfriend to the homecoming dance doesn't mean you shouldn't ask her. In many schools, asking a girl to homecoming or prom is a big deal, and your girlfriend will likely expect you to formally ask her in some type of special way. Decide how to ask her based on her personality and what you know will make her feel extra special.

Send her a cute gift. Surprise your girlfriend with a small gift that you know she will love and include a message asking her to go to the homecoming dance with you. For instance, you could pick up a dozen of her favorite cookies or cupcakes from a local bakery and write "Will you go to homecoming with me?" on the inside of the box. You could also get the bakery to spell out "Homecoming?" in the frosting. Another idea is to send her a stuffed-animal version of the school's mascot with a note attached to its neck. The note might read "Goldie the Eagle wants you to go to homecoming with Eric."

Make a grand gesture in front of everyone at school. Unless your girlfriend is super shy, she'll love being the center of attention when you ask her to homecoming in front of everyone. Lunchtime presents an excellent opportunity to get everyone's attention. If you have singing or other musical skills, you could walk into the lunchroom serenading her with a song she loves and then ask her to homecoming. Enlist the cheerleading squad to come up with a cheer asking your girlfriend to be your homecoming date. If your school has a student news program, see if you can make an appearance and ask your girlfriend to homecoming during a broadcast.

Leave a message. Ask your girlfriend with a sweet and simple note, or a series of notes left where she will find them. One creative idea is to cover her locker with sticky notes in your school's colors. On each sticky note write "Homecoming?" You could also leave the notes on the windshield of her car or leave a message in a bottle in her locker. Have a banner printed asking her to homecoming and then hang it on the garage door of her house, or write your invitation in chalk in giant letters on her driveway.

Ask her one-on-one. Sometimes the simplest gestures are the most romantic. Take your girlfriend to a secluded romantic spot, such as the beach at dusk or quiet area of a park. You might want to take her somewhere that has significance to your relationship, such as where you first kissed or made your relationship official. Present her with flowers or a card to up the romantic factor. Tell her how much you love being with her and then ask her if she would accompany you to the homecoming dance. It doesn't get much more romantic than that.

  • Don't repeat a grand gesture in front of everyone that has already been done before at your school. Grand gestures are really best when they are original; otherwise, people will just talk about how you copied what someone did last year. You can do something similar, but put your own creative spin on it.

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