Ways to Show Your School Spirit

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School spirit is the belief that your school is worthy of your time, love and support. Many schools today express their disappointment in the decline of school spirit among their students, faculty and alumni. You can help to raise others' school spirit by showing your own sense of pride.

1 For Students

Get involved. Join a team, squad, band or other group. Many schools have spirit-based activities, like pep clubs, that do not require a lot of time or athletic ability. Students who join these groups often get free admission to the games, free team T-shirts and travel provided to away games.

Don't let other people put your school down. If your football team isn't the best in the area, that's OK. School spirit is about believing you can do it, not dwelling on how you have or haven't in the past. Learn some winning facts about your school or team to share with people who want to put it down.

Show your school pride. This can be as simple as wearing school colors on game day--or any day--or as complicated as writing articles for the local newspaper about something great your school is doing.

2 For Faculty

Participate in spirit activities. Wear school colors on game day. Attend pep rallies and clap when the cheerleaders ask you to. Post game schedules and positive school-spirit messages in the classroom. Volunteer to judge spirit contests. None of these things require much time or energy, but your students will notice and will pick up on your spirited attitude.

Attend school events. Show your students that you support them and believe in them, by being seen at events throughout the year to show the kids. Try to attend at least one band and choir concert or drama performance.

Talk up your school. Don't let people put your school or your students down. Have a positive, upbeat response to critics.

3 For Alumni

If you live near your alma mater, keep participating. Go to games and events, wear school colors on game days, attend a band concert. Volunteer to help out: Chaperone a dance, give private lessons to band members, help carry equipment for a team.

Be proud of your school online. Join or create a Facebook group for your high school's alums. Give a supportive shout-out to the various teams as they head out to game day.

Show some spirit with your checkbook. Donate to the activities that you participated in, to the school library, or to an alumni scholarship fund.