Homecoming Dress Up Day Ideas

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Homecoming week means a lot of extra activity around campus. One activity at many schools around the country involves dress-up days, where each day of homecoming week is designated with a different dress-up theme to break the usual routine and allow the students to have some fun with the dress code. Coming up with ideas for dress-up day themes is fun and is limited only by the organizer’s imagination.

1 Sports Day

Since homecoming is typically focused around a sporting event, that's a logical place to start. On Sports Day, all students should wear an athletic uniform of their favorite team or sport.

Just because it’s football homecoming doesn’t mean a student can’t wear a Chicago Cubs baseball uniform to school if he wishes. Students have the option to dress like any athlete or simply throw on their favorite team's jersey. Particularly brave students could even dress as the opposing team in the homecoming game.

2 Holiday Day

Everyone has a favorite holiday. It could be Christmas, Halloween, the Fourth of July or Valentine's Day. Holiday Day is meant to bring out the holiday spirit in everyone as they dress the part of their favorite holiday.

Odds are there will be a lot of Santas, snowmen, witches, Easter bunnies and Uncle Sams running around the halls. It’ll be a bizarre spectacle, but that’s the point. This is a colorful and original way to celebrate homecoming week.

3 Tacky Day

Tacky Day is a lazy student’s favorite. This is the day when students come to school in mismatched clothing, uncombed hair, different color shoes or anything else they can think of. The goal is easy: Just be tacky, and you have done your part to support the school.

4 Fake Injury Day

Fake Injury Day could turn out to be a bit scary, because some students likely have the talent to make up some nasty injuries. This is a day when everyone shows up for school "hurt." The dress could range from a simple bandage on the head to a full-body cast and a wheelchair to roll around. The dedication of the individual student will determine how much effort she'll put in to be the “worst injured.”

5 Class Color Day

Class Color Day is a simple concept that is a good idea for a day when class competitions for homecoming are at a peak. Each class will dress as a different color. For example, all freshmen will wear white, all sophomores wear blue, all juniors wear purple and all seniors wear black. This makes all the students easily identifiable on campus as they compete for top honors for parade floats, spirit halls, posters and so forth. Be sure to include the school colors, perhaps as the designated colors for the senior and junior classes.

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