Campaign Ideas for a Student Council Secretary

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High school elections are mix of serious and fun. Campaigning gives you an excellent opportunity to make new friends and meet members of the student body you normally wouldn't. You'll put on events with your pals that are fun, but you will also need to be focused to win. You shouldn't count on popularity alone to gain you the role of student council secretary. Many ideas are at your fingertips as you're campaigning for the job.

1 Spread the Word

Use whatever chance you get to put your name in front of the student body. Make posters, hand out fliers, start a social networking page and make regular updates. Ask your friends to help you campaign by making posters and advertising for you through word of mouth. Make a list of talking points to explain why you would make the best secretary for your class.

2 Create a Slogan

In the movie "Election," Reese Witherspoon's character utilized her slogan "Pick Flick" every chance she got. If you create something catchy for people to remember you by, you will stay in the forefront of their minds when they are casting ballots. You can use a twist on your name or even something you're known for. For example, if you're on the track team, your slogan could be, "Tracy Jones: Born to Run."

3 Make an Announcement

If your school does morning or weekly announcements by intercom, ask to be a stand-in announcer or do a quick advertisement at the end of the script if the school will allow it. Work on your public speaking and practice writing memorable speeches that will sway your student audience to believe you are the best candidate for secretary.

4 Get Active

Join in any school activity or committee you have time for while campaigning. Popularity alone doesn't get people elected to student council. You need to reach parts of the student body who don't know you or what you stand for. Seek out groups of people with whom you typically don't have contact and join in on their activities.

5 Give Away Stuff

Everyone loves getting something for free and your student body is no different. Think of cost-effective ways you can put something with your name and campaign slogan on it into the hands of your fellow students. Have inexpensive bracelets made or make some with your friends that advertise your campaign. Approach local vendors in your town and ask them to support you by offering coupons you can hand out with your slogan.

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