Games for High School Assemblies

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School assemblies can be boring affairs, where children learn about the importance of avoiding drugs or the student council budget. You can make school assemblies more interesting with the implementation of games. Make the assemblies even more interesting by awarding points to the game winners. At the end of the year, the class with the most points wins a special prize.

1 Relay Races

Relay races are fun assembly games for the different classes to compete against each other. Set up a relay course on the gym floor, or assembly hall floor. Have one team from each class. Students can vote on who they want to have represent their classes. The team members work together to win the relay as fast as possible. Award points to the class with the winning team. Add variety to the relay by having unusual relay activities, such as two team members carrying a ball between their heads for ten feet or two team members must blow a pencil 10 or 15 feet across the gym floor.

2 Fake Rival Game

Use this assembly game before a sports game. Have the members of the sports team dress up in their uniforms. Ask for volunteers to play the rival team. The real team and the fake rival team play a short game. The fake rival team tries to act as stupid as possible to drum up support and confidence for the real sports team. Engage the rest of the assembly in cheers and support for the team led by the cheerleaders. The students can also boo the fake rival team.

3 Pretend Band

This is a fun assembly game that rallies the students together and encourages them to support each other. Have an air band contest between the students. Anyone who wishes can pretend to rock to any song they wish, as long as it has no expletives. The other students cheer vote to determine the winner. The winning band wins points for their class. You could also have a featured air band once a month just for fun.

4 Guy’s Beauty Pageant

A guy’s beauty pageant will engage the students and allow them to cheer and celebrate their fellow students. Each class should vote on a member to become part of the beauty pageant. The guys then must compete in different events, such as talent, eveningwear and give a speech, just like real beauty pageant contestants. The student council acts as the judge to determine the most beautiful guy in the school. Award points to the class with the winning member.

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