How about some simple heart cutouts for the easily distracted?

It may not be as big of an event as Christmas, but the days leading up to Valentine's Day have little munchkins bouncing around in excitement. If you're looking for an adorable Valentine's art activity that doesn't mean spending a lot of cash, break out the candy and the paint and create some fun and simple art for Valentine's Day.

Candy Heart Artwork

Even the most easily distracted little munchkin will love playing with glue and candy. To make art time flow smoothly, make the base heart beforehand. Cut out two large heart shapes from a piece of poster board and then cut the same size heart from some cardboard. Sandwich the cardboard heart in between the poster board hearts and glue the layers together. Now it's time for your little artist! Mix some red tempera paint and white liquid glue together in a bowl, add a paint brush and hand it over. Let your kiddo decorate the poster board heart with the glue mixture. When he's finished, let his creative side shine as he arranges little candy messages of love in the drying glue mixture.

Lots of Kisses Flowerpot

Just about every preschooler loves dirt, right? How about an art project with dirt that's made from chocolate? Start with a little terracotta flowerpot (go with plastic if you're worried about clumsy little hands). Provide your little artist with paints and paintbrushes to decorate the outside of the pot. While it dries, move on to the flowers. Cut up an egg carton into individual little cups and poke a hole through the bottom center of each cup. Now you have flower shapes for your preschooler to transform into adorable little flowers with paint, markers or crayons and a pipe cleaner stem through the middle. Now for the best part -- fill the flowerpot with unwrapped chocolate candy kisses! Insert the pipe cleaner stem of each flower into the pot and voila -- an unforgettable (and edible) Valentine's Day art project.

Candy Jar

Let your little one create a candy jar that's unlike any other. Start with an empty and clean little glass jar (think baby food jar). Fill the jar with the candies of your choice (jellybeans are a nice small candy, or use little red heart candies). Now, let your preschooler spread some strong craft glue onto one candy piece and press it down firmly in the center of the top of the jar's lid. Continue to have him add candies until the lid is completely covered in a layer of candy. Let the glue dry and then take over for a minute so you can coat the lid with a layer of clear varnish. If you're working with a 4-year-old, hand the art reins back over and let him stack on another layer of candy in the varnish. Once it dries it's time for another coat of varnish to complete your super-sweet candy jar.

Heart Treats

Show her how much you love her by moving your little munchkin's next art activity into the kitchen for a special Valentine's Day treat. Get her to help you make a batch of your favorite “rollable” cookies and start the dough off right with a few drops of red food coloring to make it festive. Once the dough is rolled out, let her cut out different size heart shapes with cookie cutters. While the cookies bake, set out some special edible toppings for your preschooler to use. For extra Valentine's Day flair, you could use things like pink, white and red icing, colored sugars, luster dust and candy-coated chocolates. When the cookies are cool, let your little one transform each plain canvas into a colorful and artful little treat.