Gift for a Close Guy Friend in a Non-Serious Relationship

Movie tickets make a great casual gift for your guy friend.
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Whether you're dating your guy friend or you're just friends, finding a gift that shows that you care while keeping things platonic can be challenging. It's hard to find the balance between looking like you tried too hard or making him feel like you didn't really care about his gift. Unique and personalized gifts will show that you are a thoughtful friend, while still keeping things casual between you.

1 Yummy Sweets

Edible goods are a great way to give a casual gift to your guy friend. Bake him a cake or a batch of cupcakes decorated with his team's favorite colors or his favorite cartoon character. You can also prepare a tray filled with homemade cookies, fudge and other goodies that he can enjoy. If you're not very good in the kitchen, you can purchase a ready made cake at your local bakery or create a gift basket filled with his favorite candies and treats.

2 Fun and Funny

If you want to keep it light-hearted and humorous, give him a gift that is playful and will make him laugh. Buy him nostalgic figurines, a T-shirt with a funny slogan or unique shot glasses. If he is on the playful side, you can visit a toy store and buy him toys that he can still have fun playing with as an adult, such as building blocks, laser guns or a board game.

3 Self-Help Gifts

Show your guy friend how much you care about his well-being by giving him something that will help him improve himself. A motivational book about a topic he has expressed interest in will show that you pay attention to what he tells you and you gave a lot of thought to his gift. If he often complains about being stressed out, give him a massage gift card, a gym pass or a relaxation CD to help him calm down.

4 Event Tickets

You can never go wrong by giving your guy friend sports tickets to watch his favorite team. Look up any local games that he might enjoy and purchase tickets for him. Be on the lookout for any exciting concerts or interesting events that will be happening in your area. If you're on a low budget, you can research sites that auction off leftover tickets or check with your employer to see if they offer any discounts. Movie tickets also offer a gift you can both enjoy together.

5 Something Unique

A one-of-a-kind gift will show your guy friend that you took the time to find something unique, just for him. If he's into retro items, you can visit a local thrift shop or vintage store and find a piece of furniture, artwork or quirky items. If he loves music, you can purchase old records and make them into something else, like coasters, bowls, wall art or even a side table.

6 Gifts to Avoid

If you want to avoid giving your guy friend the wrong impression, stay clear of gifts that will make him think you are flirting with him or hinting at something more than being his friend. Avoid giving him products that are very personal, such as colognes, shaving kits or body lotions. Steer clear of anything that will make your relationship seem more intimate, such as a photo of you together or a date night.

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