How to Print Firefox Bookmarks

Save Firefox bookmarks as an HTML file on your computer.
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The Firefox bookmark library organizes your bookmarks in folders and supports exporting them in an HTML file. You can open this file in a word processor that supports HTML format or in Firefox itself to view a list of all your bookmarks organized by folder. From Firefox or a word processor, you can print the page normally, although the bookmark URLs aren't included. While no simple way exists to show the URLs, you can print them separately as a text file or, if your library is small enough, paste them individually next to each link.

Click the “Bookmarks” button in Firefox and select “Show All Bookmarks.” The Library window opens, displaying your Firefox history, downloads, tags and bookmarks in the sidebar.

Click “Import and Backup” and select “Export Bookmarks to HTML.” Name the file and click “Save.”

Right-click the HTML file in File Explorer and point the cursor to “Open With.” Select an application with which to open the file, such as Firefox, Microsoft Word or another word processor. The bookmark file opens, listing your bookmarks and folder names in a hierarchy. Folders and subfolders are denoted by indentation.

Press “Ctrl-P” to print the file. If you want to print the URLs along with the bookmark names, print the file from a word processor instead of Firefox. Right-click a bookmark name and select “Copy Hyperlink Location” or a similar option, then paste the URL next to the bookmark. Alternatively, open the HTML file in Notepad and print the underlying HTML code. This solution creates a page that may be harder to read, but it can save time if you have many bookmarks.

  • Organize your bookmarks alphabetically before printing by sorting your folders by name. In the Library window, right-click a folder and select “Sort by Name.” The bookmarks and subfolders inside the folder are alphabetized, placing folders before bookmarks.

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