How do I Transfer Saved Messages on Microsoft Outlook From One Computer to Another?

Use the Import and Export wizard to manage your Outlook backups.
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Move the messages you've backed up on one computer to another to help retain your important communications. You can save your messages in Microsoft Outlook 2013 using the Outlook Message Format, which has an .msg file extension. You can also transfer your messages in Outlook using your Outlook Data Files. Transfer your files to a USB flash drive and then use the Import and Export wizard to import your saved messages. You can view your imported messages with your other mail in the Outlook Mail Folder Pane.

1 Message Backups

To back up individual messages, select your message in the Mail pane, click "File" followed by "Save As" and select a location to save your message. If you want to move an archive to your new computer, locate the archive in Windows' File Explorer. By default, your Outlook Data Files are stored in the "Outlook Files" folder of your Documents library. Locate your saved files and then copy them to a portable USB drive so that you may access your files on another computer.

2 Import Messages

To import your messages saved as a .msg file, locate the file in Windows' File Explorer and then double-click the file. Select "Outlook" from the list of available programs, if necessary. To import your archives, click "File," "Open & Export" and "Import/Export" to open the Import and Export wizard. Select "Import from Another Program or File" and then click the "Next" button. Select "Outlook Data File (.pst)" and then click "Next." Follow the wizard's instructions to import your Outlook Data File.

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