How to Remove Dead Links or Duplicates in Google Chrome

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Chrome bookmarks are useful for storing links to sites that you frequently visit, but some sites go offline over time so you may end up with dead links. If your list of favorites is cluttered, you may also have bookmarked sites that you already added, resulting in duplicates. To tidy up your list of favorites, you can either check and remove all dead or duplicate links yourself or use a browser plugin to automate the process.

1 Manual Removal

2 Open the Chrome browser

Open the Chrome browser and click the Chrome menu button, resembling three horizontal lines, on the toolbar.

3 Hover the cursor

Hover the cursor over bookmarks and then select "Bookmarks Manager."

4 Click the bookmarks

Double-click the bookmarks on the list to open the associated website in a new tab.

5 Right click a bookmark

Right-click a bookmark and select "Delete" from the context menu if the associated website is no longer available or the link leads to the same website as another bookmark.

6 Bookmark Sentry

7 Open the Bookmark Sentry Google Chrome Web Store page -LRB- link in Resources -RRB

Open the Bookmark Sentry Google Chrome Web Store page (link in Resources) and click the "+ Free" button.

8 Click Add to install the extension

Click "Add" to install the extension and initiate the scan.

9 Click the X button

Click the "X" button next to the bookmark name on the problems list to remove it from your favorites. The status code and status text indicates the specific problem with the bookmark. Click the URL in the bookmark column to manually verify that the bookmark is a duplicate or dead.

10 Type chrome : //extensions/''

Type "chrome://extensions/" (without the quotations ) in the address bar and press "Enter." Click "Options" next to BookMark Sentry to access the options screen.

11 Click Scan Now

Click "Scan Now" on the options screen to initiate a new scan or use the preferences section to schedule a new scan and set the scan mode.

12 Bookmark Checker

13 Open the Bookmark Checker Google Chrome Web Store page -LRB- link in Resources -RRB

Open the Bookmark Checker Google Chrome Web Store page (link in Resources) and click the "+ Free" button.

14 Click Add to confirm the new extension

Click "Add" to confirm the new extension and then click the Bookmark Checker button, styled like a yellow star containing a green check mark, that has been added to the toolbar.

15 Select Bad Links

Select "Bad Links" or "Duplicates" from the scan mode drop-down list and then click the "Scan Now" button.

16 Click the check box

Click the check box next to the links that are dead or duplicates and then click the "Add to Trash Queue" button.

17 Click the Trash tab

Click the "Trash" tab and click the check boxes next to all the queued links that you want to delete.

18 Click the Confirm Deletion button

Click the "Confirm Deletion" button to remove the selected links.

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