Exporting Zotero to Evernote can improve online research efficiency and organization.

With Zotero 4.0, you can quickly export your entire saved Library of online research -- or one or more specific items -- to note-taking programs such as Evernote. Transfer the data to a folder on your computer using Zotero’s Export tool, and then transfer the folder to Evernote using one of Evernote 5.0's import methods.

Export Zotero to Evernote

Create a folder labeled “Zotero” on your computer. To export the Zotero Library, open Zotero Standalone, select “File,” and then click “Export Library” to open the Export dialog box. Select a file format, click “OK,” locate and select your Zotero folder, and then click “Save.” To export specific items, select an item from My Library list -- or press “Ctrl” and select multiple items -- right-click and select “Export Item” or “Export Items” to open the Export dialog box, and then select and save the file. Open Evernote, select “Tools,” click “Import Folders” to open the Import Folders box, click “Add,” select your Zotero folder, click “OK,” and then click “OK” again.


You can also export readable text in the TXT format from Zotero: open the file in a TXT reader, copy the text, and then paste it into a Evernote Note. Alternatively, you can attach an exported file to a Note: click “+ New Note,” click the paperclip icon, select the file in the Zotero folder, and then click “Open;” or click the exported file, and then drag and drop it to Evernote on the open Note.