How to Save Music From Tumblr

Save streaming music from Tumblr audio posts with an add-on for your browser.
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Tumblr audio posts stream music from hosted audio sites, like Hypster, SoundCloud and Spotify, and from MP3 files uploaded by Tumblr users. The Tumblr platform does not provide a way to download streaming music from audio posts. However, if you use either Google Chrome or Firefox, you can install a browser add-on that will add a Download button to each audio post you open in the browser. Just click the Download button in any audio post to save the MP3 file to your hard drive.

1 Google Chrome - ChromeTaster

2 Open Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome, then browse to the "ChromeTaster" page in the Google Chrome store (see Resources.) Note that you must be using the Chrome browser or the page redirects to the TumTaster add-on for Firefox.

3 Click the Install'' icon

Click the "Install" icon. The ChromeTaster add-on is installed to your browser. Close all instances of Chrome, then reopen the browser. The ChromeTaster option is added to the top tool bar.

4 Log in to your Tumblr dashboard

Log in to your Tumblr dashboard, then browse to an audio post in your timeline. Click the “ChromeTaster” icon in the top tool bar, then reload the page. The audio post now includes a “Click to Download” button. Click the button, then save the MP3 file to your computer.

5 Firefox - TumTaster

6 Open the Greasemonkey add-on page add on in the Firefox browser

Open the Greasemonkey add-on page in the Firefox browser (see Resources).

7 Click Install Now

Click “Install Now,” then click “Install Now” again to confirm. The Greasemonkey script tool add-on installs to Firefox. Close all open Firefox windows.

8 Restart the Firefox browser

Restart the Firefox browser, then click the new Greasemonkey icon in the upper right corner of the window.

9 Click the Greasemonkey ” icon

Click the “Greasemonkey” icon, then click “Enabled” to enable the script tool.

10 Open the TumTaster page

Open the TumTaster page, then click the “Install” button to install the TumTaster script to Greasemonkey.

11 Close Firefox

Close Firefox, then reopen the browser. Open Tumblr and log in to your dashboard. Locate an audio post in your timeline. A “Click to Download” button now appears in the post.

12 Click the Click to Download button

Click the “Click to Download” button, then click “Save” to save the audio file to your computer.

  • You can see the Download button only in the browser running the download script. The script does not apply to all browsers.

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