How to Print Notes From an Apple iPhone

Print iPhone notes without exporting them to a computer.
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The iPhone supports AirPrint, Apple's wireless printing technology, which enables you to print text or graphics from many stock applications, such as Notes. To use this feature, your printer must be AirPrint-compatible and connected to the same network as your iPhone. Apple provides a list of compatible printers on its website (see Resources for link). If your printer isn't on the list, you can still print notes from your iPhone by installing third-party software, although this method requires a small workaround.

1 Using AirPrint

2 Connect your printer to a wireless network

Connect your printer to a wireless network. This step varies between printers but usually requires you to select a network from a menu displayed on the printer's LCD screen. Refer to your owner's manual for instructions. Connect your iPhone to the same network by tapping “Settings,” choosing “Wi-Fi” and selecting the network.

3 Launch Notes

Launch Notes and tap the “Notes” menu to open a note. Tap the action button, which looks like a curved arrow extending from a rectangular page, located in the menu bar. Choose “Print” from the action menu.

4 Select your printer

Select your printer by tapping the “Printer” field and choosing a printer from the menu. Your printer is already selected if it's the only one on the network. Tap “Print,” and in a few seconds, your note is printed.

5 Using Third-Party Software

6 Install third-party printing software

Install third-party printing software, such as PrintDirect, Printer Pro or Print N Share (links in Resources). These programs are available from the App Store on your device or iTunes on your computer. They enable you to connect your iPhone directly to any wireless printer or indirectly to any USB printer.

7 Download WePrint from the EuroSmartz site

Download WePrint from the EuroSmartz site if you have a USB printer (see Resources for link). After installing this free software on your computer, it listens for printer events coming from your iPhone, which must be connected to the same network as your computer. Each program requires this specific software to detect USB printers on your Wi-Fi network, and there are no compatible alternatives.

8 Open a note

Open a note on your iPhone and tap and hold the note body. From the pop-up menu, select “Copy to Clipboard.” Launch the printing application on your iPhone and select the “Clipboard” option. Each program has the same option, and it's the developers' recommended method for printing text. When you tap this option, your recent clipboard content is displayed in a menu.

9 Launch WePrint on your computer

Launch WePrint on your computer if you are printing with a USB printer. The software scans your computer for printers and makes them discoverable by your iPhone. On your device, select your note from the clipboard menu and tap “Print.” The software on your iPhone scans your network for Wi-Fi or WePrint-enabled printers and displays them in a menu.

10 Select a printer from the menu

Select a printer from the menu to print your note. If you select a Wi-Fi printer, your job starts immediately. If you select a USB printer, you are prompted to enter an IP address and port number for WePrint on your computer. These numbers are displayed in the main WePrint window. Enter them in the text fields on your iPhone and tap “OK” to print your note.

  • Information in this article applies to iOS 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions.

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