How to Insert Animated Emoticons in Gmail

Gmail improves upon static emoticons by including complex animations.
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Gmail includes a vast assortment of static and animated emoticons -- often called "emoji" after the Japanese word for them -- so that you can convey your sentiments visually by embedding them within your emails. If you can't find the right emoticon from the hundreds of Gmail's included emoji, you can embed your own emoticons from another source, such as your computer, another email service or a Web page.

1 Adding a Gmail Emoji

2 Log in to your Gmail account

Log in to your Gmail account, open a new composition window, and then click wherever you want the emoticon to appear in the body of the message.

3 Move your mouse cursor

Move your mouse cursor over the "+" icon, and then click the "Insert Emoticon" smiley face icon. Alternatively, press "Ctrl-Shift-2".

4 Scroll

Scroll through the long list of emoticons until you find the one you want.

5 Click the animated emoji

Click the animated emoji to add it to the message. To add multiple emoticons, hold the "Shift" key while clicking multiple graphics. Select "Insert."

6 Adding Emoticons From Another Source

7 Locate the emoticon from another source

Locate the emoticon from another source, such as a file on your computer via File Explorer, an emoticon from another email message or an image from a Web page.

8 Click the file or graphic

Click the file or graphic, and then press "Ctrl-C." Alternatively, right-click the emoticon and select "Copy."

9 Click you

Click wherever you want the emoticon to appear in your Gmail message, and then press "Ctrl-V" to insert it.

  • File Explorer also supports dragging and dropping images into the Gmail composition window.

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