How to Import Outlook Notes to a Computer

Notes function even without Outlook running.
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Outlook 2013's Notes feature adds yellow sticky notes to your screen, so you can conveniently reference data or reminders anywhere within Outlook. You can save these notes as individual or compiled files on your computer, so you can access them without Outlook running. Depending on the format you choose, the notes are displayed in the same yellow pop-up window as in Outlook, but you can also opt for a text-only format.

1 Saving Notes

The upper left menu of each note includes a save option for exporting the note as an individual file to your computer's hard drive. If you choose the MSG format, the note continues to function normally on your computer -- meaning you can open it by double-clicking the file -- even without Outlook running. To make it easier to export the note to another program, however, save it in the TXT or RFT format. While you can also save selected notes from the Notes window by clicking "File," and then selecting "Save as," if you have multiple notes selected, you can only use the TXT format to consolidate them using this method.