How to Block Someone From Calling or Messaging an iPhone

Block contacts and callers on the iPhone.
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If your iPhone runs iOS 7, you can block someone from calling or messaging your phone. To block someone, you must have a contact entry or a phone number for the individual saved on the phone. You can block a recent caller or a contact saved on your device. When you block a contact, his phone number is added to your Blocked list.

1 Phone and FaceTime

You can block both voice calls and FaceTime calls by opening the respective app, then blocking the selected contact from the app. Launch the FaceTime or Phone app, then tap the “Recents” option to block a recent caller. Tap “Favorites” to block a caller in your Favorites list. Tap the contact’s entry or phone number, then tap “Block This Caller.” Confirm by tapping “Block Contact.” The contact is blocked from calling and messaging your iPhone.

2 Messages App

You can also block a contact from the Messages app. Launch the app, then tap the “Contact” icon. Tap the contact to block, then tap “Block This Caller.” Confirm by tapping “Block Contact.” The contact is added to your Blocked list.

3 Additional Information

You can view blocked contacts from each of the three apps. Open the app, then tap the “Blocked” tab. A list of blocked contacts displays. You will not be able to receive or access voice calls and text messages from blocked contacts while the contacts are blocked.

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