Lilies are appropriate decorations around Easter.

The church foyer is the entrance hall and meeting place for the church's parishioners, so it must not only represent the church, but also accommodate its people. Remember, if someone is visiting your church for the first time, the foyer is the first thing they will see upon entering the building. It should be welcoming, clean and informative. The foyer should celebrate all that the church community does and what it has in store.

Use a table with a decorative table cloth as a focal point in the foyer. Place it in a central place, as the decor upon the table changes depending on the occasion. For example, it may be used to hold wedding programs when people hold weddings at the church.

Decorate the foyer with flowers and change them for the season. Display lilies around Easter, for example, or poinsettias at Christmas.

Display candles throughout the foyer for evening services.

Arrange name tags on the table for church members to wear during services.

Display brochures, programs and information about the church in the foyer. This makes information readily accessible to newcomers.

Track church gifts in the foyer so everyone can see the progress. Display a tree at Christmastime, for example, and hang a star on it for every $100 your church collects.

Arrange simple seating in the foyer like a few chairs or a bench for elderly or handicapped patrons.