Usher working during church service

A church usher is the representative of the church. They are responsible for welcoming and presenting newcomers to the church. Ushers act as a guide, escorting visitors throughout the church and helping them register in the church's visitor log. They also act as door keepers and forerunners, often arriving earlier to a church service or ceremony to prepare the church for the service being held.

Bibles in church pew

Arrive at least 30 minutes early and dress professionally. For example, for men, wear a suit or a jacket and slacks. For women, wear a skirt or slacks and a jacket. Check with the pastor or priest for special directions regarding the service. Check to see if the church pews are clean and that each bench has a hymnal and a Bible available to all. If there are kneeling benches, make sure they are clean and that they are up so no accidents occur.

Congregation arriving to church

Receive the incoming congregation. Open the church doors. Stay by the door to open it for the incoming parishioners. Greet guests and parishioners with a smile and make them feel welcome with a warm handshake. While greeting, hand out the church bulletin and guide people to their seat. Keep the main entrance from getting congested.

Girl in sunday school class room

Lead guests and visitors around the church so they know where everything is.

Offering plate

Pass out and collect the offering plate at the appropriate point in the service.

Interior of church

Stay for approximately 30 minutes after the service to straighten out the church and the pews.


  • In Baptist churches, a deacon or usher says the offertory prayer.