LDS Religion Flowers for Funerals

Most floral arrangements are welcome at Mormon funerals.
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The Church of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), of which most Mormons are members, is a Christian denomination founded in the United States in the 1800s. Like all Christians, Mormons believe in Jesus Christ as the savior. However, Mormons supplement and support the Old and New Testaments of the Bible with the Book of Mormon and other scripture. Prior to an LDS funeral service, there is often a special prayer service led by a family member so that the family can pay final respects and close the coffin. Flowers are welcome as gifts for display in both the family prayer service and the funeral service, as well as any wake or viewing in the days preceding the funeral.

1 Floral Arrangement Options

LDS funerals, like other Christian funerals, reflect the belief that the deceased is transitioning from earthly life to eternal life with God. Mormons believe that they will be reunited with their loved ones after death, and therefore temper the solemnity of the funeral with hope. Flowers selected for Mormon funerals should represent these beliefs and emotions and utilize uplifting color palettes and respectful arrangement styles. Arrangements may include flowers that were meaningful to the deceased.

2 The Cross on Floral Arrangements

Cross-shaped arrangements are inappropriate at LDS services.
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LDS members do not use the symbol of the cross or crucifix in their places of worship, as jewelry, or in other aspects of their lives. Use of the cross symbol can be considered offensive, as it places the focus of worship on the instrument of Christ’s death, rather than on his resurrection. As a result, cross-shaped floral arrangements, or arrangements with cross decorations, which are common in other Christian funerals, are not appropriate at Mormon services. Wreaths, sprays, and other arrangement types are welcomed.

3 Locations of Services and Flowers

In the days prior to the funeral service, a wake or viewing may take place at the mortuary. Flowers may be sent directly to the mortuary, ensuring proper display at the wake or viewing. Flowers for the day of the service should be sent directly to the Sunday meetinghouse where Mormon funerals typically take place. If desired, a request can be made of the mortician to display the flowers first in the family prayer service, then moved to the funeral service.

4 Graveside Flowers

A dedication of the gravesite and burial takes place following the LDS funeral service, or sometimes in lieu of the funeral service. A member of the Melchizedek Priesthood, a male relation or other man close to the family, makes the dedication to keep the burial place sacred until resurrection. Flowers are welcome gifts at the graveside as a comfort to the family and honor to the deceased.

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