How to Make a Church Calendar

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Keeping a busy church organized can be a challenge. Distributing a church calendar is helpful to church leaders and members, ensuring that no one misses important upcoming events. Making a calendar is simple when basic steps are followed. Calendar software and free online templates help to get the job done quickly and easily.

1 Meet

Meet with the senior pastor and associate pastors to determine the most important events that need to be included on the calendar, such as church services, prayer meetings, Bible studies, Sunday School, holidays, and days the church is closed.

2 Speak to ministry leaders

Speak to ministry leaders to find out what functions are being organized for their respective ministries. Add to the list events that the church wants advertised to the members, such as special worship services, retreats, missionary talks, potlucks, and youth group activities.

3 Create a church calendar

Create a church calendar using computer software or an online template. Downloadable calendars are available free at Add in all the event dates and times. Consider highlighting in bold the most important items on the calendar, or coding events with different colors, such as all youth ministry events in green.

4 Add the contact information for the people organizing the event

Add the contact information for the people organizing the event. Include their home phone number and cell phone number, if possible. If the event is located off church premises, include the location's address.

5 Proofread all dates

Proofread all dates, times, addresses, names, and contact information to verify accuracy. Correct any mistakes if found.

6 Print out the calendar

Print out the calendar in sufficient quantities for all members attending the church, plus make extras for newcomers and those wanting to invite people. Consider using color paper to make the calendar more eye-catching and less likely to be lost.

7 Pass out the calendar at church services

Pass out the calendar at church services as people arrive, or include it as a folded insert in the bulletin. Place extra calendars in a prominent location near the entrance, such as an information table or at the welcome desk.

Linda Michi is a freelance writer and educator. She began writing in 2000, and has been published in "Creating Keepsakes," "Memory Makers," "Better Homes and Gardens Scrapbooks Etc." and "An Encouraging Word." She has a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Hawaii. Her experience also includes life as a stockbroker, investment adviser, small-business owner and church ministry leader.