How to Write a Church Bulletin

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Having a church bulletin is one of the best ways for the congregation, ministers and volunteers to stay in sync during a service. Writing a church bulletin is a great way to serve your local church. Follow these steps to write an efficient bulletin that everyone at the church will appreciate and enjoy.

1 Determine the front

Determine what the front of the bulletin will look like. Decide if it will carry a standard church logo or if you should purchase bulletins with preprinted pictures on them.

2 Create a layout

Create a layout. Decide whether you want your announcements first and then your service information and if you want anything on the back page. Pick a place for important announcements. Have a general idea of where you would like to place all the pieces of information.

3 Arrange the order of service

Arrange the order of service (songs, prayer, offering, message). Think of how the service will progress from opening to end.

Type the song information in the appropriate space. You may want to include title, page number and songwriter.

Type the special music, slides or presentations in the appropriate space. Letting the congregation know that there is something special happening in the service is a great way to keep the audience engaged.

Type the announcements in the appropriate spaces. Be sure to include upcoming events and the dates, times and contact person for each event.

Type the volunteer information in the appropriate space. This is useful for nursery workers, ushers, greeters and other church workers to remember when they are needed to complete their commitment.

Include appealing graphics that are appropriate for the announcements they illustrate.

Edit the bulletin. Be sure to have someone else look for grammatical mistakes and typos.

Print the bulletin in advance. You want to time to work around any issues that might otherwise delay the printing.

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