A church greeter is the first and last person people see when visiting a church. The church is greeter is the face of any ministry, which makes it one of the most important jobs in the church.


The greeter welcomes regular members and visitors with a smile, hug or handshake as they arrive in the doors.


Greeters give visitors any welcome gifts the church may be distributing. They also give them fliers and brochures for church ministries they may be interested in joining.

Direct Traffic

Church greeters should be able to direct the flow of traffic inside the church. Newcomers will need to know where restrooms and other facilities are located.


Church greeters should open doors for incoming members and visitors. At the end of service they should open doors again to allow churchgoers to leave with a hug, handshake or goodbye.

Hand Information

Church greeters should give the information about visitors to the proper ministries. Children's ministries should be made aware of visiting children for example.