How to Advertise in Schools for School Events

Flyers can help generate excitement about your event.

Book fairs, carnivals, basket bingo, performances and open houses are all perennial favorites at schools across the country. Organizing these events can be a lot of work, so you want to make sure you advertise well to get as many families there as possible. Advertising well for your event is especially important for events that can be seen as boring, such as literacy and math nights or dry presentations on student testing.

Put basic information on anything you post or send out. People should learn the "who," "what," "where," "when" and "why" of your event from reading a flyer or email.

Make eye-catching flyers. Create flyers that have words and images that are attractive to students, such as "prizes" or pictures of animals.

Place flyers and information where they are not usually seen. Inside bathroom stalls, on the inside of cabinet doors and on the sidewalk written in sidewalk chalk are all places that are often overlooked for advertising.

Tell staff members in multiple ways about the events. Do not assume that they will read or retain any information that you send to or give them; send email, put information in mailboxes and talk to staff members about the event.

Ask to talk to classes. See if teachers can give you a couple minutes of class time or if the principal will allow you to briefly speak at an assembly.

Tell the students. Remind students about the event and ask if they are coming when you see them outside of class.

Post information on the school website. If you do not have a Web page to link to for your event, put the basic event information on the school's home or event page.

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Aube Ergine began writing professionally for Demand Media in 2010 and has experience with grant writing, activity and event planning, and lesson planning. She has worked with children and youth for 15 years in schools and recreational settings.