Field Trip Ideas for Brownie Girl Scouts

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Brownie girl scouts love to get their feet wet at a local swimming hole or go on nature hikes with their troop leaders. However, girl scouts also like out-of-the-ordinary trips that allow them to learn more about their local city, state and businesspeople in the area. Service-oriented field trips that teach the girls a lesson about life is also very educational and rewarding. Take your girls for a tour around the city or celebrate career day by touring small businesses.

1 Brownie Baking Event at the Senior Center

Take the girls to your local senior center to bake brownies for the people who spend time there. This service-oriented field trip will help the girls learn the value of giving and serving others. Encourage the girls to talk and mingle with people after the baking is over. Make several types of brownies such as double chocolate chip, caramel and strawberry brownies. Many senior centers would welcome the opportunity to meet girl scouts. Some places have baking facilities, but if not, the girls can make the brownies ahead of time and deliver them directly to the seniors.

2 Astronomy Observatory

Take the girls to your local astronomy observatory to look at the stars and galaxies. Some places have movie theaters as well, so the girls can watch educational movies about planets and the universe. The girl scouts are sure to enjoy looking at the stars through telescopes and touring the gift shop. This is a field trip designed for educational purposes rather than teaching the girls how to serve. Most states have a handful of observatories, but it may be a long drive depending on where you live. Plan an overnight stay in a hotel if the observatory is more than two hours away.

3 City Hall

Take the girls to your state city hall if they haven't already been there. This is an opportunity for the girls to learn about local city government and how it runs. Tour the facilities with the girls and enjoy walking outdoors. Most city halls are close to parks, so enjoy a picnic lunch with the girl scouts after they learn about history and government. This is a vital field trip that every girl scout should go at least one time while she is a brownie. This field trip works well if city hall is close, but if not, plan an overnight stay in a hotel.

4 Children's Hospital

Take the girl scouts to a local children's hospital in your area. The girls can bring crafts or homemade gifts to give to the sick children once they get there. Tour the hospital and encourage the girls to converse with other kids there. This field trip can help the girls appreciate the value of their health and learn to help others who are sick.

5 Fossil Museum

Go to a fossil museum with the girl scouts. Some dinosaur museums only charge a small fee to tour their facility. The girls can enjoy learning about prehistoric creatures and perhaps pick up a few fossils at the gift shop. Some fossil museums also combine other exhibits from different times in history.