Field Trip Ideas for Daisy Girl Scouts

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As the youngest branch of Girl Scouting, Daisy Girl Scouts are just beginning on their journey toward becoming independent young women. In kindergarten and first grade, this rank of Girl Scouts has special needs and interests. Over the course of their time as Daisies, girls are encouraged to learn and come to understand the meaning behind the different points of the Girl Scout Law. For this age group, field trips are an important component of that learning.

1 Learning to Respect Authority

Teaching girls to respect but not fear law enforcement officials is an important safety measure to take.
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One of the points of the Girl Scout Law that Daisies are responsible for learning is to respect authority. One great way to help the girls to accomplish this is to bring them on a field trip to your local police station. Most police stations provide tours to organizations in their community and are more than happy to spend some time with the girls.

A police station tour provides a great opportunity for the girls to get up close and personal with uniformed officers, police cars and, if available, police dogs. It is a great way for them to learn a little bit about how law enforcement officials serve and protect the community and why we should obey laws and respect their authority. It also provides an opportune time to get the girls fingerprinted if they have not already had this done.

2 Becoming Responsible for What We Say

Doing their own radio show could be a big hit with your girls.
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Taking responsibility for our words and actions is an important trait that the Girl Scouts of America strives to instill in all of its members, at all levels. One great way to put this into context for the girls is to plan a visit to a local radio station. Visiting a radio station will give them a sense of how saying something can impact others. With a little prep work, you may even be able to have the girls present a news report or other message, and see how it reaches others in the community.

3 Using Resources Wisely

It is important to teach girls how to care for our planet at a young age.
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Learning how to treat our planet is, by far, one of the most important things that girls can get out of their scouting experience. For Daisy Girl Scouts, it can be hard to grasp how a little litter can really harm our planet. Many recycling plants offer free tours to the public that are both educational and hands-on. The hour or so that the girls will spend there will often have a surprisingly long-lasting impact on their outlook on recycling.

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