Google Bookmarks and Evernote are two cloud services that enable you to sync information across all your computers and mobile devices. After storing a large number of Google bookmarks, you may find that accessing them from a Web browser on a mobile phone or tablet is inconvenient. Evernote provides a standalone application for quickly finding a note, image or bookmark by searching for tags or keywords. Importing bookmarks to Evernote preserves their folder hierarchy, tags and labels.

Step 1

Visit the Google Bookmarks page and sign in to your Google account (link in Resources). Download your bookmarks as an HTML file by clicking “Export Bookmarks.” A file called GoogleBookmarks.html is saved in your Downloads folder.

Step 2

Open your Downloads folder in File Explorer. Hold down the “Windows” key, press “X” and click “File Explorer.” Select “Downloads” from the Favorites menu in the sidebar.

Step 3

Launch Evernote and create a new note by dragging the HTML file to the All Notes column. A new note, called GoogleBookmarks.html, is created, and your bookmarks are displayed in a text editor window. Folders, tags and labels are represented by bold, black text, while bookmark links are displayed as blue hypertext. Clicking a bookmark opens the link in a new browser window.

Step 4

Sync your bookmarks with Evernote by clicking “Sync.” Opening Evernote on another device displays your current notes, including your Google bookmarks, in the All Notes column. Select “GoogleBookmarks.html” from this column to display your bookmarks in the text editor window.