How to Date a Girl in a Long Distance Relationship

Make virtual dates interesting for your long-distance girlfriend.
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If you and your girl are in a long-distance relationship you can enjoy a fulfilling relationship. The fact that you are further apart will require some extra effort and a high level of commitment from both of you. However, it is highly possible for you to have a strong bond of closeness with each other. Sometimes your relationship will be a challenge to maintain but you can keep your girlfriend and yourself happy by meeting some basic emotional needs.

1 Communicate Every Day

Communication is important for drawing you and your partner closer together. You may not like talking too much over the phone or she may not always have access to the internet. Mix things up by using a variety of channels, suggests associate editor of Psych Central, Margarita Tartakovsky, in the article, "7 Tips For Long-Distance Couples." Make links through video chats, texting or emails. Connect through social media. Use smartphone applications such as Couples and Avocado to stay connected. Focus on the quality more than the quantity of your conversations. Share your feelings, talk about significant things that happened that day, ask for her opinion on something or be ready to give yours when needed.

2 Make Dates Special

Make virtual dates something that she will look forward to with excitement and anticipation. Plan ahead for these special times at least every couple of weeks. Consider the differences in your schedules and the possibility of time zone variances. For these virtual dates try to do new and interesting things. Watch a movie together online as you enjoy microwave popcorn. Order pizza with the same toppings as you chat and listen to music. Play your favorite board games online. You can go out for ice cream or window shopping together by using your smartphone in internet hotspots. Take your phone or laptop outside in the nighttime and enjoy gazing at the moon and the stars together.

3 Remember Special Events

It is nice to be able to share special occasions with your romantic partner. If you are able to be with your date in person for her sister’s wedding, her graduation or the funeral of a loved one then make the effort to do so. She will get comfort in knowing that she has the support of her partner. However, if it is not possible for you to make these events in person, try to connect with her before and after by talking with her over the phone or online. Send a video message saying something encouraging or mail her a postcard early enough for her to get it in time.

4 Send Love Tokens

Everyone enjoys getting gifts. Surprise your girl with random packages through the mail. Keep note of those special days, namely her birthday, the anniversary of your first date, Christmas and Valentine's. Order flowers online and have it delivered to her. Buy her a cute hair clip in her favorite color. Send her a jersey with your team number printed on the back. These mementos will not only make her feel special, but will serve as a clear reminder that she is in your heart and on your mind.

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