Cute Ways to Explain How Much You Love Someone

Do what's uniquely special for you to express your love.
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Those three little words, "I love you," can mean a lot, but sometimes you need to do more to explain how you feel. Couples in lasting relationships know that little things add up. How you uniquely express your love depends on your relationship, but a few simple things can mean the world to your significant other.

1 Special Greetings

You've heard of best-friend handshakes. Why not have one with your romantic partner? It can be a special kiss, a wink, a hand squeeze, a shoulder rub or anything else that only you two do together. Little gestures can be your secret language. Even when you can't see each other, send each other simple daily texts, such as "goodnight" and "have a good day."

2 Meaningful Rituals

The longer you are with someone, the more you'll come to appreciate the things you look forward to together. There are countless rituals you can incorporate into your everyday life that have special meaning, like eating at the same restaurant once a month, celebrating anniversary dates, planting and tending a garden, following a TV series, enjoying season tickets to a concert venue or watching games of your favorite sports team together. Go out of your way to create and remember rituals like these to keep the romance fresh and create memories together.

3 Notes And Messages

There's something special about getting a love note. Sometimes all it takes is a cute text or email, but it can also mean a lot to get a handwritten note or card. Stick it in places where she'll find it -- her backpack or locker, stuck to her car's windshield or tucked away in a book she's reading. You don't have to write anything profound in the note; even a simple "I'm thinking of you" will be special.

4 Thoughtful Treats

Chocolates and gifts aren't just for special occasions. If you want to show someone you care, give her goodies when she's not expecting them. These include the old standards like flowers and chocolates, but you can also go a long way by picking up a latte for her on the day of a big exam or buying a new necklace when she loses her favorite one. Try surprising her for no reason at all -- grab a smoothie after her workout or download special songs to her phone when she isn't looking.

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