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A dedicated prayer partner can be a real blessing.

Having a prayer partner is both rewarding and encouraging. You can be a good prayer partner with a little bit of time and thought. You certainly won't regret the time that you spend investing in someone else's life. Praying with and for someone can create a special bond and lifetime friendship.

Arrange a time

Arrange a time to meet periodically with your prayer partner so that you can exchange prayer requests and pray with each other. You could meet as often as once a week or as little as once a month. Decide what will work best with both of your schedules.

Keeping a journal of requests will enable you to be an effective prayer partner.

Keep a list of your prayer partner's requests

Keep a list of your prayer partner's requests in a journal. Be committed to praying for these requests on a regular basis. Record answers to prayer in your journal and keep it up to date. Make special note of any urgent requests and try to pray for these every day.

Remind your prayer partner

Remind your prayer partner on a regular basis that your are praying for her. Be creative and encouraging. Try sending an encouraging card or email or giving her a quick phone call. This is especially important during times when your prayer partner is facing a trial or important decision.


  • Schedule a time to go get coffee or eat a meal with your prayer partner. The more you get to know him, the more effectively you will be able to pray for his needs.