Etiquette for Hand Delivering Wedding Invitations

Save money by giving your sister her invitation in person.
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In the distant past, a bride's servants delivered wedding invitations to guests by hand. Though most people in modern times prefer to send the invitations by mail, you can still hand deliver your wedding invitations to the guests you see often. This allows you to add a personal touch, as well as save money on the cost of postage. If you choose to do this, though, make sure that you still include a self-addressed and stamped RSVP card in the invitation and don't assume that the recipient will respond in person as well.

1 By Hand

If you're going to deliver invitations by hand, it's important that you're actually doing it by hand, according to The Knot. Meet the recipient face-to-face and actually hand over the invitation. It wouldn't be appropriate to, say, place the invitation in your parent's mailbox or leave it on a co-workers desk when she isn't there. However, when delivering the invitation to a couple, you could give the invitation to just one person.

Delivering the invitation in the presence of a person you're not inviting will be awkward, so try to give it to the guest when she's alone. Additionally, don't deliver the invitation during a time when doing so might overshadow the recipient during a special time for her, such as at her birthday party or baby shower.

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