Creative Ways to Give Jewelry Romantically

Enhance your gift with a romantic surprise.
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Whether you're thinking about giving a promise ring, celebrating an anniversary or popping the big question, how you give jewelry can have as much of an impact as choosing the right piece for the occasion. However you decide to surprise your partner, make sure the gesture comes from the heart so that the event will be something that she reflects on for years to come.

1 Surprise Delivery

Arrange to have your gift delivered to your partner's dorm room, home or office, preferably the day of a big date. Sweeten the delivery with flowers, balloons or a cookie bouquet. Although a home delivery may be intimate and sweet, receiving a bouquet of roses and jewelry at the office might bring a sparkle to his eye.

2 Bait and Switch

Gather several gift boxes of varying sizes, and then package the jewelry in the smallest box. Wrap that box and pack it into the next largest box and so on until you have created a Russian nesting doll effect. Watch as your girlfriend opens gift box after gift box until finally reaching her reward. Add an element of romance to the event by including a note to your girlfriend in each box.

3 Bon Appétit

Although dessert with a side of diamonds is sure to make anyone's night, despite what the movies may have you believe, it may not be a great idea to deliver a ring in a glass of champagne or bake a necklace into a cake. Instead, invite your boyfriend out for a romantic dinner. Excuse yourself from the table and make your way to the restroom. During your reprieve, ask a server to deliver your jewelry with dessert. If you're planning on popping the question, call ahead. Many restaurants offer services to make the event picture perfect.

4 Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Make a game out of gifting jewelry to your girlfriend by leaving notes with directions leading her to clues hidden around her house or around town. Ideas for places to hide clues include the site of your first date, your first kiss or the first place that you told her you love her. Enlist the help of friends to guard your clues until she finds them, and then wait at the final destination with a jewelry box in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other.

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