Christian Games for a Sweetheart Banquet

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Romantic banquets are common in modern society. However, Christian sweetheart banquets not only celebrate the love between two people, but also the love of God. With this in mind, a variety of Christian games can be played at a sweetheart banquet -- similar to a secular Valentine's Day banquet. Simple games that allow for Christian messages to be inserted and much interaction between both males and females are most common during these banquets.

1 Christian Bingo

Print out Christian bingo cards. Distribute them to all the attendees. Come up with 25 words common to Christian lifestyle, such as love, blessed, Christ and God. Distribute small, clear bingo markers. Read out the words one by one, spelling each one, giving enough time for everyone to fill in the cards.

2 Movie Clips

Record 10 to 20 notable clips from movies and edit them together, placing about 30 seconds between each clip. Divide everyone into two groups and have equal amounts of men and women in them. Show the movie clips on a big screen and have the groups shout out in unison the title of the movie. Have an individual keep track of which group gets the most movie titles the quickest.

3 Word Games

Give everyone a blank piece of paper and a pen. Have them write down "Jesus loves me" or "Christ is love" on a piece of paper. Set a timer for up to five minutes and have each person rearrange the letters to make as many words as possible. The man and woman who create the most words win chocolate hearts or other candy.

4 Scripture Contest

Divide the room into two teams, with an equal number of women and men in each group. Have them come up with, one at a time, a scripture containing the word "love." Give them a time limit of 30 seconds for each side to present a scripture. Keep going between the two sides until one team can no longer come up with anything. The other team therefore wins. Small prizes can be given to the winning team.

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