How to Create a CNAME Record Using the Authentication Token Provided by Google

Add the Google authentication token to your DNS settings.
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To install Google Apps or to see detailed statistics about your website's Google search traffic, you must first prove to Google that you own the website domain. One method for proving ownership is to add a Google authentication token into your domain's CNAME records. Google provides the token, but you must add it to your DNS settings from your domain registrar's website.

1 Get Authentication Token

2 Navigate to the Google Webmaster Tools page

Navigate to the Google Webmaster Tools page (link in Resources), and then sign in to your Google account.

3 Enter your domain name

Enter your domain name using the format "", and then click the "Add a Site" button.

4 Click the Alternate Methods'' tab

Click the "Alternate Methods" tab, and then select the "Domain Name Provider" option.

5 Click the drop-down list

Click the drop-down list, and then select "Other." You can optionally select the name of your DNS provider from the list to see instructions for adding the authentication token as a TXT record in your DNS settings. This process differs slightly from adding a new CNAME record, and may not be available for all registrars, but will accomplish the same thing.

6 Click Add a CNAME Record

Click "Add a CNAME Record" at the bottom of the next screen to view the authentication token and host name required for creating a new CNAME record.

7 Create New CNAME Record

8 Open a new browser tab

Open a new browser tab, sign in to your DNS provider's website, and then access the administration tools. The exact method for adding a CNAME record varies according to your registrar, but the basic steps are the same.

9 Select the domain

Select the domain you want to verify with Google, and then access the advanced DNS settings for the domain.

10 Select the option

Select the option that allows you to add a "new record," "host alias," "CNAME record" or something similar.

11 Insert the 12-character CNAME Label Host value from the Webmaster Tools website

Insert the 12-character "CNAME Label/Host" value from the Webmaster Tools website into the CNAME, Source, Host or a similar field.

12 Save the changes

Save the changes, return to the Webmaster Tools tab, and then click "Verify" to have Google check for the new record. If it doesn't find it right away, it will check again periodically. It could take several hours or even a few days for your domain registrar to implement the new CNAME record.

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