How to Create a List of Mentions on Twitter

Use the TweetDeck app to monitor several Twiiter accounts at the same time.
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Keep track of who's tweeting about you and what they're saying by viewing Twitter's "mentions" list. Twitter keeps the list on a separate page that you can easily view from your account. The page includes all tweets that include your Twitter handle, along with replies to your tweets. It does not include private messages or private tweets from someone you don't follow. If you want to see only mentions without the replies cluttering up the list, or you want to track mentions of another user, use Twitter's dashboard app, TweetDeck.

1 Twitter Account

2 Sign in to your Twitter account

Sign in to your Twitter account.

3 Click Connect on the toolbar

Click "Connect" on the toolbar.

4 Click Mentions .''

Click "Mentions." Twitter displays tweets that mention you, or that are in reply to one of your tweets.

5 TweetDeck App

6 Navigate to the TweetDeck home page

Navigate to the TweetDeck home page (link in Resources) and either download and install the app on your computer, or click "Sign in On the Web" to use the Web version.

7 Click Create Account

Click "Create Account" the first time you launch the app. This account is for managing TweetDeck, and is different from your Twitter account. Enter your email address and create a password.

8 Click Add Twitter Account

Click "Add Twitter Account" in the Settings window, sign in to your account, and then click "Authorize App" to connect your Twitter account to TweetDeck. If you have more than one Twitter account, click "Add Twitter Account" again to add other accounts.

9 Close the Settings window

Close the Settings window and click the "+" sign on the TweetDeck toolbar.

10 Select @ Mentions

Select "@ Mentions (all accounts)" to create a Mentions column on the main screen.

11 Click the setting icon at the top of the column

Click the setting icon at the top of the column to define the type of mentions you want to list. Click "Users" and change the "Mentioning" setting to "Me" if you want to see tweets that mention you. Select "Specific User" and enter another Twitter name to follow mentions of someone else.

12 Click the icon

Click the icon again to close the settings menu. Mentions appear in the column on a real-time basis.

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