How Do You Uninstall Bing and Go Back to Google?

Bing is an Internet search engine developed by Microsoft.
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Bing is not a standalone software program, so you can't uninstall it through the Control Panel. Bing is an add-on -- a small software addition to the Internet Explorer browser -- and is set as the default search engine. Internet Explorer will use Bing as the browser's home page unless you explicitly set the browser not to do so.

1 Before Removal

Install the Google search engine add-on to Internet Explorer. This makes it much easier to remove Bing as a default search engine. Open Internet Explorer and select the small gear icon to open your settings. Select "Manage add-ons" from the menu and select "Search Providers." Select "Find more search providers" at the bottom of the window and select "Google" in the add-ons list. Select "Add to Internet Explorer." In the new dialog window, select "Make this my default search provider" and click "Add."

2 Remove Bing

In Internet Explorer, select the gear icon to access your browser's settings and again select "Manage add-ons" from the menu. Click "Search Providers." Select Bing from the list and select the "Remove" button toward the bottom of the window. Place a check mark in the box "Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider."

3 Make Google Your Home Page

Type "" in the Internet Explorer address bar and press the "Enter" key. Select the gear icon to once again access your browser's settings. Select "Internet Options." Under the "Home Page" section, click the "Use current" button to make Google your browser's home page, then click "OK."

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