Adding Buttons to Chrome

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Unlike some browsers that offer a fully customizable toolbar, Google Chrome 32 only offers one optional button for returning to the home page. However, you can also add links to Web pages on the Bookmarks bar or program something similar to a Print button. If that isn't enough, you can also search for and install third-party Chrome extensions that are designed to add buttons to the toolbar. Search for "buttons" on the extensions page to see several options (link in Resources).

1 Adding the Home Button

Click the Google Chrome menu, which looks like three horizontal lines at the upper right of the browser, and then select "Settings" to configure Chrome. Check "Show Home Button" from the Appearance section to add the Home button to the toolbar.

2 Adding a Print Button

Check "Always Show the Bookmarks Bar" from the Appearance section of the Chrome Settings page. Right-click on a blank area and select "Add Page." Enter "Print" as the title and "javascript:window.print()" (without quotes) for the URL. Click "Save" to add this button. Although it lacks the typical printer icon, it functions just like a regular Print button.