How to Get Rid of the Drop-Down Suggestions on Bing

Keep your secrets safe by deleting your search history.
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The Bing search engine keeps track of your search terms and displays them in a drop-down menu the next time you begin typing a similar term. While this can be helpful at time, it can also reveal search terms you'd rather keep private. You can disable the Bing suggestions by changing your Bing settings, but you may also have to alter your browser settings to get rid of them completely.

Click the gear icon on the Bing toolbar to open the Settings page.

Clear the check mark next to "Turn Suggestions On," then click "Save." Bing no longer shows its own search suggestions. If you're signed in to your Microsoft account, Bing remembers this setting whenever you're signed in. If you're not signed in, this setting lasts until you delete the Bing cookies from your computer.

Disable your browser's autocomplete feature if you continue to see suggestions. If you're using Internet Explorer, launch the desktop version and select "Internet Options" from the gear icon menu; select the "Content" tab, click "Settings" in the AutoComplete section and clear the check box next to "Forms."

In Firefox, select "Options" from the Firefox menu, select the "Privacy" tab, and then clear the check box next to "Remember Search and Form History."

  • To delete search terms already saved by Bing, clear the Bing cookies from your computer, then delete your search history from the History section of the Bing Settings page. To prevent Bing from saving future search terms, click "Turn Off" from the History section. To delete search terms saved by your browser, clear your forms data or autocomplete history through your browser settings.

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