How to Add IDM in Firefox

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Internet Download Manager for Windows is a tool that helps users speed up and manage downloads. Among its features is an extension it automatically asks you to add to your browser to integrate the two programs. Sometimes this extension fails to install properly in Firefox or update when you upgrade IDM or Firefox. When this happens, you must remove the old extension, if possible, to force Firefox to automatically add the new version from your most recent IDM software download; or manually download and install the most recent version to force the replacement of the existing version.

1 Add IDM Through Automatic Update

2 Click the Firefox button

Click the “Firefox” button on the Mozilla Firefox user interface and select “Add-ons” to open the Firefox Add-ons Manager in a separate tab.

3 Select the Extensions option

Select the “Extensions” option and then look for the “IDM CC” extension on the list of previously added extensions. When you find it, click the “Remove” button.

4 Click the Restart Now ” link

Click the “Restart Now” link, or close Firefox and reopen it. Firefox should automatically reinstall and enable the Internet Download Manager extension.

5 Check the Extensions list

Check the Extensions list in the open Add-ons Manager to confirm a successful installation.

6 Add IDM Through Manual Installation

7 Click the Internet Download Manager s

Click the Internet Download Manager’s Firefox Browser Integration Manual Installation link in the Resources section.

8 Click the Install button

Click the “Install” button on the page and then click the “Allow” button when prompted. Firefox opens the Software Installation dialog box.

9 Click the Install Now button

Click the “Install Now” button. Wait for Firefox to install the extension and then click the “Restart Now” button that appears in a popup alert bubble below a green puzzle piece icon near the upper left corner of the browser in front of the address bar.

10 Select the Add-ons Manager tab

Select the Add-ons Manager tab and check that the "IDM CC" extension is enabled on the Extensions list.

  • Sometimes the "IDM CC" extension won't work after it's added to Firefox and enabled because of incompatibility with other add-ons. When this happens, disable all add-ons and check it again. If it suddenly works, enable each add-on until you find the one causing the problem, remove it and search for a new version or alternative via the “Search All Add-ons” bar.
  • Sometimes it still won't work and you must uninstall IDM and Firefox, restart your system and re-install the programs.
  • Re-installing Firefox resets the browser to its default settings. If you have bookmarks you want to keep, export them beforehand as an HTML file backup saved to a hard drive and then import them into Firefox from the file (links in Resources).
  • Information in this article applies to Mozilla Firefox v24 as of October 2013.
  • If Firefox prompts you with an “Edit Options” button during manual installation, click it to open the Allowed Sites - Software Installation box. Click “Allow,” close Firefox, reopen it and repeat the manual installation from the beginning.
  • If a dialog box appears with the title “Opening” followed by an XPI file name, select “Open With,” click “Browse,” select “Firefox” -- or “Mozilla Firefox” and then “Firefox ” -- click “OK” and follow the onscreen instructions.

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