Setting up Gmail to block emails you receive from unknown senders can protect your account and reduce the risk of a virus infecting your computer. If you believe the owner of an email address is sending you spam messages, you can create a Gmail filter to automatically delete any communication received from this particular address. You can remove the filter at any time if you want to unblock the account.

Step 1

Type "from:email_address" (without quotes) into the search box of your Gmail inbox, where "email_address" is the address you want to block.

Step 2

Click the down arrow in the search box, and then choose "Create filter with this search" to open the filter creation menu.

Step 3

Check "Delete it," and then press "Create filter" to automatically delete any communication you will receive from this address. Optionally, check "Also apply filter to matching conversations" to also delete the emails already in your inbox.