How to Disable Google Voice SMS Texts

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The Google Voice service provides an option to receive text notifications when you get a new voice message as well as calendar events. You can disable both options within the Google Voice dashboard. Once disabled, you must log in to the Google Voice website to view new messages and events. Google voice also provides an option to transcribe your voice messages and have the resulting text-to-speech messages sent directly to your email inbox, if desired.

1 Disable Voicemail SMS

2 Create a new text message and type 48368 as the recipient's phone number

Create a new text message and type "48368" as the recipient's phone number.

Type the word "STOP" in the message field.

Send the message to cancel SMS notifications from your calendar.

3 Disable Text and Phone

Select the gear icon and choose "Settings" from the drop-down list.

Click the "Phones" tab.

Uncheck the boxes for "Receive Text Messages On This Phone" and "Notify Me of New Voicemails Via Text." Click "Save Changes."

Click the "Voicemail & Text" tab and check the "Forward Text Messages to My Email:" option to receive notifications by email, if desired. Click "Save Changes."

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