How to Forward Emails From Verizon to Yahoo

You can access your Yahoo account from mobile devices.
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Verizon offers a free email service to its users; you can access your Verizon email account from your mobile device, desktop PC or Mac. If you want to use another email address as your primary email account, you can configure the Verizon email service to forward all incoming emails to the other address. Verizon can forward all incoming emails to your preferred email address automatically. Note that copies of forwarded emails are not saved in your Verizon Email Inbox.

Navigate to Verizon Webmail (link in Resources) and log in to your Verizon email account.

Click "Settings" in the top navigation pane and then click "Forwarding" in the left navigation pane to navigate to the Email Settings page.

Click the "Edit" link next to "Email Forwarding, "then click "Yes" to enable the Forwarding feature.

Type the email address you want to forward emails to and then click "Save" to start forwarding incoming emails immediately.

  • To stop forwarding emails, click "No" next to "Forward Email" and then click "Save."
  • Emails are not saved in your Verizon Inbox while forwarding is enabled; you can't recover the emails if you delete them from the other email account.
  • If you forgot your Verizon username and password, navigate to the "Having Trouble Logging In?" page (link in Resources) and follow the instructions to retrieve the username and reset the password.

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